Hi y’all!


My name is Adeyinka Ladapo, and I am a third year student at the University of South Carolina. When you see my name you might be asking: what is the origin of that? Well, my father is Nigerian and specifically Yoruba. My name translates from Yoruba to English as “surrounded by crowns.” That is where I drew inspiration for the name of my blog. In addition, I began to think of how many inspirational women have been a part of my life and have contributed to my growth as a person. From my mother and grandmother, to my high school choir teacher. In my eyes, all of these women are queens and wear crowns, and I think that all women should be surrounded by other phenomenal women. Therefore, on my blog I encourage women to uplift, support, and embrace each other.  I hope that all of my posts are able to not just provide you with knowledge but also brighten your day and add positivity to your life.

I am currently majoring in Biological Sciences and hope to become a physician in the future. However, I have many interests that span outside the realm of science and medicine. I’m extremely passionate about being healthy and active to increase quality of life. I’m a book-lover, music junkee, and beauty fanatic. I love to travel and read. Therefore, this blog is my way of expressing and sharing my interests outside of my chosen career-path. I hope by interacting with you all that I will grow as a person, learn about other cultures, and become more well-rounded and aware. And I hope to leave you all with something positive. I can’t wait to share this bumpy journey called life with you.

In the words of Lisa Bonet, “My life is art, it’s how I express God.”



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