19 Years and Counting


Nineteen has always seemed like an underwhelming age to me. It isn’t a number that rings milestones like being able to drive, becoming an adult, or being able to legally drink. However, I find that I’ve never felt happier in my life to be this age.

This past year has allowed me to grow in so many different ways. Despite not reaching any societal milestones, I’ve reached so many of my own. And I’m currently in a state of gratitude.

It’s my goal this next year to remain grateful. Thankful for the challenges and obstacles. Grateful for the failures and successes. Grateful for the times where I feel empowered or the times when I feel small. Grateful for the bleak low points and for the exhilarating peaks.


I’m 19 years and counting. To some I may be young and to others I may be old. I have many lessons to learn and wisdom to gain. Nonetheless, I’ve never felt more confident or content. My whole life is ahead of me. It’s time to take on the world.



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